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Our Products

Get your Pitaya on.

Pitaya, Dragon fruit, Super Juice

ZERO ADDED SUGAR - Pitaya Plus is the lowest sugar 100% Juice around.

ONLY 70 CALORIES - Pitaya Plus is the lowest calorie 100% juice around.
25% DAILY FIBER – Dietary fiber helps lower cholesterol, Lower blood-glucose levels and improve digestive health. RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS – Helps fight and neutralize free forming radicals.

250% VITAMIN D3 - The “sunshine” vitamin, as it is sometimes referred to, is commonly known for its effect on strengthening the bones and joints in the human body by aiding the absorption of calcium. It also helps the body build up immunity.

ELECTROLYTES - Isotonic formula provides you with essential electrolytes and keeps you hydrated.

Our juice has a full Pitaya / Dragon fruit Fruit in every bottle. Other companies will call their juices “Dragon Fruit or Pitaya” but we encourage you to read their ingredient list. You will see that some companies don’t even put a drop of pitaya in these so-called “Pitaya / dragon fruit Drinks!” We are the real deal.

WARNING: Don’t drink our juice if you are looking for that sugar tooth feeling that you get from every other juice in existence. Prepare yourself for a juice that will taste so refreshing and different, you will actually want to drink more of it!

Read more about the astounding health benefits of Pitaya Plus.

Frozen Pitaya Packs — Exclusively available at Smoothie Shops in Southern California.

Looking for the purest Pitaya, dragon fruit, or pitahaya out there?  There is nothing added to these frozen Pitaya fruit packs. The fruit gets peeled, tossed in a big blender, and then right into these individually sealed 100g packs.


Dried Pitaya (Dragonfruit) Snack Packs

Great for Kids and Adults! These little dried fruit packs are the easiest way to get your Pitaya or dragon fruit fix. We offer 1.5oz individual servings of dried pitaya fruit that are just flat out delicious. It has a soft sweet outside and the seeds contain a surprising nutrient packed crunch. Get your hands on some today. There is absolutely nothing added, just 100% Pitaya! The Benefits: 20% Daily fiber per/pack 15% Daily vitamin C per/pack 3 Grams of protein per/pack 1 Whole Pitaya, dragonfruit per/pack

30 Day Pitaya Cleanse Kit

Start your day off right with a bottle of Pitaya Plus everyday for a month and get healthy. Pitaya+ is a Low-sugar, High-fiber, Antioxidant Rich Juice that will send you on your way to increased health and wellness.

 The 30-Day Cleanse Kit has you covered for an entire month.

• 5 cases of Pitaya Plus Super Jucie (qty 30-10.5oz Bottles)