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Pitaya Plus Giveaway




Katie from Auburn NY

Thank You ALL for Entering



Pitaya Plus Giveaway is happening again, but only this time with a free x16 pack of Pitaya as the prize:) Would you like us on Facebook for free Pitaya? Would you Tweet about us to get free Pitaya? If the answer is yes, you’re one step closer to getting it:)

Entering couldn’t be easier and you have multiple ways to win:)

Good luck to you all and thank you for the support.


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  1. Scoobie08-08-14

    Love this concept!! Easy-Peasy-Dragonfruit-Squeezy to add to any food you wish! I saw these in a store recently and didn’t quite know what they were! I’m off to the store to grab some now! Going to reform my teen’s breakfasts for school.

    ***Holla for a Pitaya!***

  2. lannette shearer08-02-14

    I just found you on instagram. Im a single mother of 3 hungry teenage boys. I have no idea how to cook and so stoked I found you. You saved me life, Im gonna start feeding my boys healthy from now on. Hopefully it will start a family tradition and feed thier families pitaya plus when they grow up. I tell everyone on instagram how much I love you and how much you have changed my life.. I feel so gay, but healthy living is the new generation..ps Im mommalannette on IG i love my family and community…and now you…I love PitayaPlus

  3. Kristen Marr07-31-14

    PitayaPlus Spritzer with club soda and lime is my afternoon favorite!
    Way better than a cup of coffee!

    • PitayaPlus07-31-14

      We couldn’t agree more Kristen. Ever since summer came around our Blendless Bliss recipe has been the favorite around here:) More “No Blender No Problem” recipes coming soon!

  4. Christian07-31-14

    Pitaya bowls are they BEST breakfasts!!! I make it like a super thick green smoothie and top it with super foods ;-) YUMM you guys rock!!

    • Pitaya Plus07-31-14

      That sound delicious! Do you have the recipe anywhere? (:

  5. Joanna Conde07-30-14

    I had the Pitaya Bowl at Nekters and I’ve been in love since! I hope I win! (:

    • Pitaya Plus07-31-14

      Those Pitaya bowls there are hard to resist haha. Thanks so much for the support Joanna.

  6. Justine Ivani07-30-14

    LOVE Pitaya Plus and LOVE you guys!!!! I would be lost without the pitaya smoothies :) can’t wait to order more!

    • PitayaPlus07-30-14

      That’s so amazing to hear Justine. We’re so happy you enjoy the smoothies as much as us:) Have a wonderful day and thanks for putting a smile on all our faces.

  7. Jules Schreiber07-30-14

    Absolutely in love with pitaya plus

    • PitayaPlus07-30-14

      Thanks so much for the kind words Jules. You made our day that much more brighter:)

  8. Nicole07-30-14

    Thank you for the giveaway! I LOVE Pitaya!!

    • PitayaPlus07-30-14

      No problem Nicole. More giveaways to come:)

  9. Carissa07-30-14

    Love your product. I’ve been blending up a smoothie to enjoy as a smoothie or smoothie bowl with granola almost everyday lately, and it is delicious, and more cost effective than buying a bowl at a juice shop. Thanks for an excellent product!

    • PitayaPlus07-30-14

      That is so great to hear Carissa. We are so fortunate to be working with such an amazing fruit:)

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